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Established 1980
Recognized by the Deptt. of Education Delhi vide No. F.Zone-28 (w)/4853-D.D.E (cd) 450 and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education vide No. CBSE/Affiliated 2730089/2001/20442-54
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Earth Day celebrated on 26th April 2019 .

School re-opens on 1st July 2019 after Summer Vacation .

Reopening of classes 6th to 8th is on 25th March 2019

Women s day celebrated on 8th March 19


The concept of scholastic activities refers to any activity performed inside or outside school and relate to the school educational aims. Some researchers view scholastic activities as part of the curriculum. Others see them equivalent to the curriculum. Another team of researchers view them as relevant to education without investigating their relation to the school curriculum.

At St. Michaels' Sr. Sec. School, we percieve Scholastic Activities as the practice that affects the students’ mental, kinetic, psychological and social performance. This practice has various fields and satisfies the students’ physical, psychological and social needs. It, therefore, helps with the development of the student’s personality”.

The following activities are regularly taken up by our expert team of Faculty and the students are always passionate and enthusiastic to participate in them.

a) Maths Faculty
    i.        Puzzle
    ii.       Quiz
    iii.      Sudoku
    iv.      Lab Activities, Model Making

b) English Faculty
    i.        Skit
    ii.       Calligraphy
    iii.      Spell-bee
    iv.      Ad Mad World
    v.       Mono Act
    vi.      Spelathon
    vii.     Essay Writing
    viii.    Story Writing
    ix.      Recitation
    x.      One Act Play
    xi.      Speech
    xii.     Extempore
    xiii.    Debate
    xiv.    English Lab Activities

c) Science Faculty
    i.        My perception
    ii.       Symposium
    iii.      Our Scientific World
    iv.      Model Making
    v.       Lab Activities
    vi.      Excursion
    vii.     Projects

d) Hindi Faculty
    i.        Aao Kavita Sunay
    ii.       Calligraphy
    iii.      Karein aur Sikhen
    iv.      Kavita Paath
    v.       Doha Pratiyogita
    vi.      Vaad Vivaad Pratiyogita
    vii.     Kahani Lekhan
    viii.    Nibandh Lekhan 

e) Social Science Faculty
    i.        Debate
    ii.       Diagram Making
    iii.      Slogan Writing 
    iv.      Model Making
    v.       Projects
    vi.      Mock Parliament

f) Other Faculties
    i.        Commerce Symposium 
    ii.       Computer Science/I.P. Symposium

Important Letter to Parents from CBSE

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National Sports Day

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Miss Seema attended a workshop on Information Technology

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