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  • An ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED SCHOOL

St. Michael's Sr. Sec. School

Recognized by the Deptt. of Education Delhi vide No. F.Zone-28 (w)/4853-D.D.E (cd) 450 and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education vide No. CBSE/Affiliated 2730089/Ex-01131-2021/2020-21/
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Dear Parents,

A child’s education is a unique process which not only instils in them a desire to learn more but unlocks their hidden talents and potentials. The pivotal role for any institution is to felicitate the holistic development of a child. This endeavour has taken a whole new meaning in today’s digitalized and work-from-home environment. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the induced lockdown, schools had to resort to online learning in full fervour. This concept of distance or e-learning came with its own sets of challenges. I must thank our dear parents for their constant cooperation and support during these testing times. We hope together we will continue to bring out the best in our children and will instil in them the values of...

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To reach out to every section of the society, irrespective of the class, caste or creed, and provide equal opportunities to all to have access to good education.

To work on the principles of 'SAHODAY SYSTEM OF EDUCATION' which aims at rising together...


The motto of the school is when translated in English, it means, 'Lead us from ignorance to truth; lead us from darkness to light and lead us from death to life'. This reflects the spirit and the philosophy of St. Michael's. Imparting knowledge and wisdom, instilling moral values, an ability to distinguish between right and wrong, emphasising on teamwork and preparing a child for his or her quest in life, these are the processes that have taken on a whole new meaning at St....


The fundamental purpose of education is to encourage the children to bring about a positive modification in their behaviour as they ascend the ladder of knowledge through learning. Over the last few decades, everything has changed with the all pervasive intervention of technology. Hence, our classrooms haven't remained untouched by technology. Eminent educationalists and experienced staff equipped with smart classrooms, are supporting these students day in and out, in gearing up for...


Any accomplishment requires vision and efforts of many people and St. Michael’s is not different.It was the vision of late Archbishop Angelo Fernandes which led to the establishment of the school in 1980 based on the concept of “SAHODAY SYSTEM” (RISING TOGETHER) where the rich and the poor are able to live and study together which is the National Objective as envisaged in the Preamble of our Indian Constitution.

To accomplish the vision he was ably assisted by his Vicar General Rev. Fr. Ireneus Santos who ensured that...


The mission of the school is to provide a challenging and supportive environment, to inspire a love of learning and build confidence and self esteem in our students The school also encourages self discipline, creativity, independence of thought and tenacity of purpose with the understanding that both success and failure are necessary for

School Managers

  • 1) Year 1980-1992 Rev. Fr. Ireneus Santos
  • 2) Year 1992-1993 Rev. Fr. Lawrence Pinto
  • 3) Year 1993-2000 Rev. Fr. E.D. Sebastian
  • 4) Year 2000-2001 Rev. Fr. Charles D'Souza
  • 5) Year 2001-2007 Rev. Fr. Ayres Fernandes
  • 6) Year 2007-2008 Rev. Fr. George Manimala
  • 7) Year 2008-2016 Rev. Fr. Januario Rebello
  • 8) Year 2016-2019 Rev. Fr. Lawrence P.R.
  • 9) Year 2019 onwards Rev. Fr. Savarimuthu Shankar

School Principals

  • 1) Year 1980-1982 Rev. Bro. Emmanuel
  • 2) Year 1982-1983 Rev. Bro. Tynan
  • 3) Year 1983-1985 Rev. Bro. Mac Philmy
  • 4) Year 1985-1988 Rev. Fr. Bennie Mathew
  • 5) Year 1988-2007 Mr. Mani Thomas
  • 6) Year 2007-2014 Rev. Fr. Vincent D'Souza
  • 7) Year 2014-2021 Rev. Fr. Sabu Joseph
  • 8) Year 2021 Onwards Rev. Fr. Jas Elanjikal

Awards & Appreciations